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These Places Sell The Best Kakori kebabs in Delhi

Mumbai: This might anger the cow vigilant but Kakori Kebabs made with minced beef and meticulous spices always turn the fire on. The Muslim chefs in Lucknow h...

Logitech PowerShell: The Smart iOS 7 Gaming Controller Launched In India

Mumbai: For all those mobile gaming freaks who simply hate the on-screen game controls, there is a new device in town. Logitech India have launched the Power...

Gym Or Yoga : How To Decide Which One Is Better For You !

Mumbai: Most of are really confused between what to do: Gym or Yoga? Frankly, nobody can decide which is better, Gym or Yoga. Actually, it depends on person t...

10 Hilarious Differences Between A Topper And An Average Student Are So Relatable Reminding Your School Days.

Mumbai: A topper and an average student – School days were the best days of our life. No tensions and there were only fun. Each one of us indeed misses ...

Weekend Masti: These Cheesy Dialogues From Bollywood Will Surely Make You Go WTF!!!

Mumbai: Bollywood has millions of emotions attached. It is about those famous dialogues or trademark dance steps. It can’t be defined in a sentence. It is abo...
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