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Where are these Bollywood queens?

Mumbai: They reined the silver screen in 80s and 90s. They set the box office on fire and people flooded cinema halls to get a glimpse of their pretty faces; ...

5 Status Updates On Social Media That You Must Avoid

Mumbai: Your status update on social media speaks a lot about your personality. At times we just want to unfriend some people from our lists because of their ...

Never Say This To Curvy Women!

Mumbai: Women are the most beautiful creation of god. I am not saying this because I am woman, neither do I dispute it, but our counterparts, somewhere betwee...

8 Classy Habits of A Stylishly Classy Man! Find Out If You Are The One!

Mumbai: Men’s fashion is crucial! And it is hard to find men who can keep up with real fashion, that too classily, We see boys and men who adorn latest ...

What Works Best For Your Career: Diplomacy Or Bluntness?

Mumbai: Your tongue is one of the most vital organs for you, apart from your brain, when you are in a profession! If you use your tongue wisely, you can grow,...
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