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A typical day in the year of 2050

Mumbai: I woke up to the voice of Alia. As a matter of habit, I looked at my wrist for the time and found it empty. Alia whispered in my ear “It’s hard to fo...

6 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Yourself

Mumbai: Fast track heart beats; the warm blushing of cheeks; the light hearted feeling of excitement all the time. It sounds like old romantic Hindi movie. Bu...

Experts Confirm That Vegetarians Live Longer Than Daily Meat Eaters

Mumbai: Vegetarians live longer There is no harm in eating meat what is bad is that one should not be addicted to it. This is not our words, but latest report...

8 Signs Your Body Requires A Detox ASAP

Mumbai: Signs you need detox – Detox basically refers to our body’s natural way of getting rid of waste. It is necessary to make sure that our body’s ca...

This Is A Sad Story Behind “How Jackie Shroff Turned Into Jaggu Dada” In His LIFE!

Mumbai: Story Behind The Name Jaggu Dada – Jackie Shroff aka Jaggu Dada is a talented Bollywood actor who basically needs no introduction. He certainly ...
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