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Places From Ramayana Is Not A Myth It Exists In Reality

Mumbai: Epic book Ramayana that describes the places of ancient India are not only stories. The mythological story has stories of unique creatures such as Gar...

Silence Can Be Intolerant Proven By The World’s Quietest Place

Mumbai: Silence for a long time cannot be tolerated it is proven by the quietest place in the world Orfield Laboratory. According to the researches it was obs...

Museum Of Failure A Place To Cherish Fails before Wins

Mumbai: A strange establishment is the “Museum Of Failure”.  The museum possesses about 100 strange products that are excellent in discoveries but are never a...

Creators Are Divine with Unknown Forces of Forgiveness

Mumbai: One of the famous sayings is “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. It is one of the popular sayings that people believe. No one in the world being ...

Unbelievable Facts About The Serial Killer Family “Bloody Benders”

Mumbai: Bloody Benders was the first known family serial killer from 1870. From the 1800s incidents, the Benders were infamous for killing travelers. The fami...
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