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Coronavirus infection may require 14 days Quarantine to Detect, Why ?

Mumbai: Coronavirus infection has turned out to become a global pandemic in which people are suffering through major respiratory problems. The viral infection...

How parents and kids can spend quality time together?

Mumbai: Time spending between parents and kids is the essential part it enables them to develop a strong bonding. Job culture has changed and the maximum indu...

Impact of Coronavirus on personal life in 2020!

Mumbai: Coronavirus has turned to become a pandemic, a global epidemic that had its epicenter in Wuhan.  While stepping in 2020 the pandemic captured th...

Claim Settlement Process – A Key Metric to Choose the Right Term Plan

Mumbai: Term plan insurance is one great way to leave behind a legacy for your family. When the primary earner of a family passes away, it poses emotional an...

8 Simple Ways to be Mentally Fit & Healthy

Mumbai: Being both physically and mentally healthy is a need for well-being. Having proper mental health keeps oneself happy and fit. If you want to keep you...
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