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10 Weird Habits of Famous Celebrities That Will Make You Cringe!

Mumbai:The silver screen portrays the celebrities as larger than life figures but behind the curtain, they are as normal as we are. Their real life is too different from their glamorous reel life. They also have some weird habits in them and some of them are extremely weird. After reading about these habits, you will feel that picking up nose is perfectly normal. Here are some of the weird habits of famous celebrities: Weird Habits of Famous Celebrities 1 – Jeetendra He has one of the weirdest habits that he eats papaya while he poops. Yes, it is kind of gross; eating something on toilet seat is unimaginable. 2 – Tom Cruise Mr. Mission Impossible applies Nightingale’s dropping on his face. He says that this habit keeps his face young, Maybe it is true but it is too gross. 3 – Shahrukh Khan He himself admits his love towards his shoes. The level of this love is so high that he just removes his shoes before bedtime. Sometimes he sleeps with his shoes on. 4 – Cameron Diaz She has a cleaning disorder which makes her opening the doors with elbows. She does it in order to save herself from germs which are there on door knobs. 5 – Sushmita Sen This former Miss Universe has an uncommon habit that she baths in open place. She has placed her bathtub on her open terrace.  She should be careful somebody can peep in. 6 – Brad Pitt This Hollywood hottie does not use soap and the reason behind it is the use of ‘toxins’ in soap. It becomes weirder when you see him selling soaps in Fight Club. 7 – Amitabh Bachchan If you look at his wrist you might find two watches rather than one. The whole of this started when Abhishek went abroad for studies and he did it to keep track of another time zone too. Soon it became a style statement and now it is a habit of Mr. Bachchan. 8 – Megan Fox She is a diva on screen but do you know she has an extremely weird habit off screen? The habit is she does not flush after she poops. It is too strange to imagine this. 9 – Pamela Anderson She is scared of her own reflection, so she avoids mirrors as much as she can. Just wondering, how does she maintain herself without mirrors? 10 – Sandra Bullock She puts hemorrhoid cream on her face. She uses it to remove puffiness under her eyes. These are weird habits of famous celebrities. Now you must believe that our celebs are too weird in their real lives. These habits bring out their ‘normalness’ to us. In the end, what so ever their habits are we still love them both on and off screen. The post 10 Weird Habits of Famous Celebrities That Will Make You Cringe! appeared first on Youngisthan.in.
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