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How tuberculosis, K-syndrome saved Jews from Nazis in Italy Rome?

Mumbai:Did you ever hear of a disease saving people from death? It is a real story when just the name of tuberculosis has saved from the Nazis in Italy Rome. It saved the Jews during the attacks of the Germans in 1943. At that time tuberculosis was known as K-syndrome a fake disease indeed. The K-syndrome disease had no existence at that time during the fall of the World War II and was introduced to the soldiers as a deadly infectious disease to save the Jews from the Nazis. The fake deadly disease, K syndrome which was invented by an Italian doctor, and the infected people were kept inside the hospital. Hospital in the history of saving the Nazi Situated in Italy Rome It may be unbelievable but the hospital Fatebenefratelli where this fake tuberculosis disease occurrence was spread as a weapon of savior is still located in a small Island of Tiber river. About it 450 years ago the hospital was established and is located here for more than four centuries. The hospital was established in 1585 now run by the Brothers Hospitaliers of St. John of God. One of the most renowned hospitals after the incident of the Holocaust for saving the Jews. The holocaust was a period during the period between 1941 and 1945 a disastrous timing for the European Jews. Strong being the Germans had occupied killing several of Jews. About 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis in Italy Rome. Severe deaths were carried out in masses by the shooting guns that were aimed to kill on the basis of removing the Jews. Holocaust aimed pologram a religious riot during the period of WWII who were forcibly working in the concentration camps and gas chambers. The killing of the Jews that started in Germany and slowly it had spread all over Europe. Almost 20 people were saved by the Nazis in Italy Rome The German troops of soldiers had destroyed several villages in the areas of the Soviet Union who were forcibly pulled to the policy of concentration camps. It was the place where the labors of slaves were taken to work in coal mines and other risky jobs. It was the time when few Jews had escaped to the Fatebenefratelli hospital from the German soldiers. It was the time when the Jewish were refugees in the hospital and they were admitted with the K syndrome, in which K means they were not patients but the refugees. They were provided a separate ward demarcating it as a contagious ward filled with K syndrome patients. The soldiers ran away by knowing about the deadly, infectious disease that we now know as tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was not discovered during that period but it was the imagination and intention of the doctors to save the Jews from the Nazis. They instructed the refuges to cough and act as ill patients confirmed to a contagious disease, and after knowing this the German soldiers ran away from the hospital. It remains in the true stories of Jews saved from the Nazis in Italy Rome. The post How tuberculosis, K-syndrome saved Jews from Nazis in Italy Rome? appeared first on Youngisthan.in.
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