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Unfolded Divine Warrior And Significance Of Skanda Shashti

Mumbai:Skanda Mata, the Goddess of supreme power and ecstasy. She is worshipped as the bestower and inspirer who gave birth to Kartikeya also famous as Skanda. He is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, born with the divine power to drive away the evils. Kartikeya is the “God of War”, a deity worshipped on the 5th day of the lunar period, that is on the sixth day beginning of the Skanda Shashti is performed. It is celebrated mostly in Tamil Nadu. To worship the power and supreme of Lord Shiva’s son, it is the specific auspicious time selected to offer prayers. He is the warrior, with a history of an unfolding divine warrior to fight against the demon Simhamukha and Tarakasura from the place of Demon, Surapadma. The fierce battle between Kartikeya and the demons, at this time peacock, was his vahana. Significance of Skanda Shashti Lord Murugan and his places of worship are popular and are located mostly in the southern part of India. The popularity of these temples and rituals shows the mythological significance observed in Shukla Paksha Sasthi. The significance of observing Skanda Shasti specifically is to rejoice in the power of the Lord Skanda for the following reason. Destroys Ego, Anger The power of Kartekiya played the role of destroying ego and anger. Demons with evil power were defeated with the strength of the Lords Shiva and Brahma. He had the boon of the great warrior, the suitable and powerful Lord to fight against the demons. Worshipping Lord Skanda on the day of Skanda Shasti enables one to recognize ego and anger. At the same time, develop the ability to conquer it, establish peace, and develop self-esteem. Dominates the primary cause, hatred Worshipping and chanting mantras help to grow the inner positive power. A dignified way to destroy hatred that is the primary cause of evils and battles. Develop a mind and heart with purity and devotion towards the commitments. Kartikeya had killed the demons with the ability to fight as a warrior and bring an end to the feelings of hatred. For the rituals performed for the ten days, worshipping till the fourth day helps in reducing health issues. Power of Dharma Observing the Skanda Shashti, on the fourth day is specifically to cultivate the inner power of Dharma. It enables us to develop inner positivity and utilize it in self-well-being. Also, extend it for the well-being of society and the community. Kill the demon within and prosper Worshipping for the last days of the ten is to overcome the hatred struggle within, and prosper. Develop the power to strengthen the financial status and bring career growth. The 5th and 6th days of worship are to grow the spiritual bliss overcoming ups and downs. Devotees worship for ten days praying, and performing rituals. They focus on fasting and having vegetarian food, and specific fruits during that time. Adorning the Idol, and chanting mantras are essential parts of consuming the vibes of Skanda Shashti. The post Unfolded Divine Warrior And Significance Of Skanda Shashti appeared first on Youngisthan.in.
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